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Double Chocolate Mocha Espresso Mini Box

Double Chocolate Mocha Espresso Mini Box

It all starts with the beans… our Signature Espresso Syrup was created by extracting Starbucks’ Caffè Verona® signature beans, blended with a touch of sweetness and a splash of pure vanilla extract.  The deep, dark chocolate and caramelic flavor profile of the beans makes it the perfect choice to blend with our Double Chocolate Mocha mixer.


The Double Chocolate Mocha mixer is a blend of dark and white chocolate, and the finest cocoa found in the world, Barry Callebaut Extra Brute Cocoa; Extra all sourced from Switzerland.  The white chocolate delivers a balance of milky, creamy notes with just a hint of vanilla whereas the dark chocolate is the heavy hitter with gorgeous notes of dark, cocoa, and bittersweet chocolate that last throughout the entire drinking experience.  


The garnishes and rimmers exemplify the premium quality of this box.   We include 2 ounces Chocolate syrup, 8 dark chocolate covered espresso beans, and 2 ounces of our signature coffee mocha rimmer.  The box also includes 8  ounces of our signature Espresso Syrup, 8 ounces of the Double Chocolate Mocha mixer and recipes for 6 different cocktails.  Shelf life of this box is 3-4 weeks.  Must keep Refrigerated.

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